The bot introduction

Telegram bots are more attractive than what you know!!!
Suppose you own a company or school or you are a factory manager! Do you know that telegram bots are a great new communication tool that astonishes you with its capabilities? Do you know that you can also have a telegram bot in addition to site or mobile application, to introduce your services and provide a service to your users?!! A telegram bot can be a suitable solution for users who are constantly on the phone, who do not have time and are rash, who they may not have the suitable Internet or do not have the pleasure of surfing on the site. In the telegram, especially in the past year, we find a lot of telegram bots that are mostly fun. But when they become more attractive, that the bot uses as a new tool for communication between you and your audience (customers). So far, you could communicate to your customers through different ways such as personal presence, phone, site or mobile app, but now with the advent of telegram, you can use and introduce your bots to your customers. This bot does not need to be installed. It is quick and easy to access and your users who are always using their phone and telegram can easily connect with you.

How to Build a Telegram bot

Perhaps based on the searches you understood that you could build your bot yourself through a bot maker or through some people and companies, and if you’re confused about what you should do, read the following context.

You have two ways to have a smart and suitable telegram bot:

The first way is to ask a programmer or a software company to design and provide the telegram bot for you.

Advantages: Designing your telegram bot precisely in accordance to your wishes no more, no less.

Disadvantages: Long time to implement, relatively high cost, Changes and updates are time consuming and costly, and your dependence on the designer company or person.

The second way: design a robot through a bot maker (Note: bot maker is any bot that can provide dynamic features, simple and attractive appearance, extensibility, and even can give you ideas with the available features)

Advantages: The admin panel with fantastic features and functional reports. Also you will not have any of the disadvantages of the first way, though if you choose a good bot maker! We mean a good bot is not merely an AradBot, and surely there are other successful collections too.

Disadvantages: You have to build your robot yourself or through one of your staff, and this will remove your dependence on other people. Of course, if you need help in a robot building, AradBot’s training videos and the AradBot’s Training Team are full time at your service and if also you have not any times, AradBot’s team will design your bot for you and deliver it to you with the admin management environment.

You might think for yourself why lots of bots make the services available for free and you hesitate to start working with a professional and commercial bot. But the truth of free versions of bots is because you first get to know their features and more. And on the other hand, in free versions, the forced advertising are sent to users by bot maker, so you introduce this product instead of paying for it. If you do not want to have these ads, you can upgrade the panel version with some cost, and there’s no forced advertising on your bot.


According to the given explanations, we suggest a telegram bot and then we will compare telegram bots with other tools, such as sites and mobile apps, and investigate the advantages of bots against other tools.

Bots and websites

Speed: Telegram bots are very fast in comparison to websites and will respond to you at any internet speed.

Security: Telegram uses a fast and secure protocol called MTProto for its connection and based on the documentation and Telegram administrator’s claim, there is an extremely secure messenger and even a financial award is considered for those who can put it at risk. Since bots operate in the telegram messenger and use its security, so if the robot is not secured, it means the telegram is not secure, which is in contradiction with the company’s claim, so it can be said that bots are a safe tool and  have a much higher security rating than many sites.

Low cost: With the admin panel, the cost of launching the robot will be much lower than the website implementation cost.

High viewer’s statistics: Due to the easy access of robots and the fact that approximately 40 million people in our country are in the telegram, the statistics of the robot viewers are much higher than the sites.

Extensibility: bot development operations are done easily using the admin panel by yourself, while the site development must be done by a site designer, which will have additional costs for you.

Bots and mobile apps

Being free: Everyone can access the bots and use their services easily and for free, while most of the apps are not free and users should buy the apps.

No need to download and install: Unlike apps, bots do not need to be installed and downloaded, which makes them more popular among users.

Compatibility: Telegram bots are applicable to any operating system, but you need to order different versions for different platform for having an application.

Saving time: As launching of the bot is easily done by the admin panel, you will spend much less time compared to the time it takes to implement the application.