Initially, the free version is activated for you, then you can upgrade to the custom version.

کاربران ربات
کاربران ربات
Free version
کاربران ربات
Shell version
کاربران ربات
Pearl version
کاربران ربات
Island version
کاربران ربات
Bot Number
تعداد ربات
Create bot 1 1 2 3
Bot users
کاربران ربات
See bot users
Register users
Grouping users
Access of registered users
Bot Buttons
دکمه هاي ربات
Form-Builder button 1 5 10 200
Basic button 40 200 1000 5000
Individual button 50 200
Poll button 5 10 100
Support management
مديريت پشتيباني
Operator confirmation 1 3 10 Unlimited
Define a role
Contact us Sentbox
Ticket management
Messages management
کاربران ربات
Daily group message
Send messages to registered channels and groups
Timed send
Periodic send
Periodic news send ( RSS )
The speed of sending messages per day 6000 Messages 40000 Messages 65000 Messages Unlimited
Daily traffic
Single message box
Daily Visit Statistics
New Users Statistics
Monthly Visit Statistics
Active Referer Statistics
Button Visit Statistics
Hourly Visit Statistics
کاربران ربات
Create News
News categorize
RSS Numbers 1 3 5 Unlimited
RSS updated range Every 12 hours Every 6 hours Every 3 hours Every 1 hours
Files Management
مديريت فايل
File categorize
File Management
The allowed number of file uploads 20 200 1000 5000
Channel and group management
مديريت کانال
Number of groups management 0 1 2 3
Number of Groups For send message 1 2 4 Unlimited
Number of channels For send message 2 4 12 Unlimited
Forward of messages to other groups and channels 2 4 12 Unlimited
Location management
مديريت مکان
Places categorize 10 50
Automatic locating
کاربران ربات
Buttons title settings
External login and registration
Invitation text
Watermark settings
Panel Users management
کاربران ربات
Define Panel admins
Store Dont Have Have Have Have
Number of products 70 400 1000
Product categorize
Display of products on web pages
Online payment
pay in place
Participation Percentage 7% 5% 3%
کاربران ربات
Web service 4 20
Daily sent requests numbers 0 0 On day 1000 On day 10000
About bot Button Forced Forced
Advertisement Forced
Custom module
Create channel and group poll
هزينه ربات
Monthly fee Free 5$ 23$ 85$
Every three months fee Free 14$ 66$ 245$
Every Six months fee Free 27$ 124$ 459$
Annual fee Free 47$ 215$ 796$
تعداد ربات
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