Dedicated version

AradBot dedicated panel

Arad team has provided its dedicated panel, taking into account the specific circumstances of government agencies and organizations, universities, factories and other widely-employed businesses. This panel, in addition to having all the features of the other versions, is implemented on the organization server and its dedicated domain. Its main distinguishing feature with in comparison to other versions is to isolate your organization’s information and speed up service to the telegram contacts. Also, based on your need for required and customized facilities, a dedicated support team is ready to provide support and training services to dedicated services.
Special features of the dedicated panel:
  • Dedicated server and domain/li>
  • Individual support team
  • Create all kinds of buttons indefinitely
  • Operator unlimited definition
  • User panel unlimited definition
  • The highest message sending speed
  • Unlimited daily traffic
  • Unlimited grouping of users
  • Unlimited Channel registration
  • Added to groups without restrictions
  • Automatic locating
  • Unlimited manual locating
  • Unlimited news reader registration

کاربران ربات
کاربران ربات
Enterprise Edition
نسخه سازمانی
Commercial version
کاربران ربات
Bot Number
Bot Number
Build a Bot With the ability to add 5 bots With the ability to add 5 bots
Bot users
کاربران ربات
See bot users
Register users
Grouping users
Determine the availability of registered users
Bot Buttons
دکمه هاي ربات
Form Builder button Unlimited Unlimited
Demo button Unlimited Unlimited
Individual button Unlimited Unlimited
Survey button Unlimited Unlimited
Support management
مديريت پشتيباني
Operator confirmation Unlimited Unlimited
Define a role
the box of communication with the system
ticket management
Messages management
کاربران ربات
Send mass daily messages
Send messages to channels and registration groups
Timed send
Periodic send
Periodic news send( RSS )
The speed of sending messages per day Unlimited Unlimited
Daily traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Single message box
Daily Visit Statistics
New Membership Statistics
Monthly Visit Statistics
Active Responders Statistics
Button Visit Statistics
Hourly Visit Statistics
Insert news
News category
News reader numbers Unlimited Unlimited
News updated range Every 1 hour Every 1 hour
File Management
مديريت فايل
File Categories
File Management
The allowed number of file uploads Unlimited Unlimited
Channel and group management
مديريت کانال
Number of groups controlled by the robot management Unlimited Unlimited
Number of channels controlled by the robot management Unlimited Unlimited
Forward of messages to other groups and channels Unlimited Unlimited
Location management
مديريت مکان
Places categorize Unlimited Unlimited
Automatic locating
کاربران ربات
Buttons title settings
External login and registration
Invitation text to robot
Watermark settings
Panel Users management
کاربران ربات
Define Panel admins
Store Dont Have Dont Have
Number of authorized goods Unlimited
goods Categories
Display of products on web pages
Online payment possibility
Possibility to pay in place
goods Basket
participation Percentage 0%
کاربران ربات
Web service Unlimited Unlimited
Daily sent requests numbers Unlimited Unlimited
About robot Button /td> Dont Have Dont Have
Advertisement Dont Have Dont Have
Custom module Have Have
Survey make of channel and group Have Have
هزينه ربات
Monthly fee Call Call
تعداد ربات
Select the desired version